Illustrate your activities with a program novateur et pertinent :  la planche BD !
From Sapiens, passing through engravings, hieroglyphs and advertising posters, illustration has always been the most clairvoyant to convey a message. A sketch, a drawing, a photo immortalizes history and initiates the future.

La planche de bande dessinée joue un rôle important dans la structure de la narration and in particular in its division into sequences; much simpler to translate by the user, since the visual sense is in primary action. Depending on the importance of your communication needs, our illustrators distinguish four main modes of use of the comic strip.

Une utilisation conventionnelle, une utilisation décorative et enfin une utilisation productive .

Depending on the model and the distribution method, brighten up your Facebook page, your site, your online store and send to your customers or providers fun, yet compelling information!